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And there I was at my lowest point. Alone in my dingy studio apartment. A broke emotional wreck. 
Only the sound of my kitchen faucet slowly dripping away as lie curled up on my worn down bed. 
"How did I get here?"

Is all I could ask myself.

"I gotta find a way out."

"How do I get outta this?"

Is the question that followed.

Hey my name is varnell Johnson,

and what you just heard was me describing one of the lowest  points I've been on my entrepreneurial journey.

This low point is one that many entrepreneurs find themselves in.

No money, bills unpaid, with debt up to your neck but yet still trying to make ends meet.

You too may be asking yourself the same question.

In the beginning you started out enthusiastic and brite eyed. But as time went on you began to
see that it wasn't as easy as you thought it was going to be.
"How do I get outta of this?"
If you were like me at some point in your life you decided that the normal way of living was not  for you. You decided that the rat race was not something you wanted to partake in. 

And so you decided to do what the gurus and experts told you and quit your 9 to 5 and go all in on your dreams.

The optimism and enthusiasm you once had quickly turned into frustration and despair.

And so you trudged forward despite these emotions but no matter how hard you pushed no matter how hard you tried, you were only met with more frustration and despair.

Statistics show that less than 20% of entrepreneurs are successful within 3 years of starting a small business and only 18% of entrepreneurs are successful in startups.

To make matters worse it is stated that up to 70% of jobs will be replaced by automation and artificial intelligence by the year 2030. 

What this means is unless you have made a successful transition into starting your own  business and generating your own revenue, you will have great difficulty in the near future making a decent living.

Many will struggle, homes will be foreclosed jobs will be lost and many businesses will go  bankrupt.

Financial analysts are saying this next economic downfall will be worse then 2008.

What this also means is that there will be tremendous competition for everyone around the
globe 9 to 5 workers and entrepreneurs.

For me I know what is to struggle. 

When I embarked on the entrepreneur journey my sole intention was to put me and my family in a better position.

Although my intentions were good I quickly found out that good intentions were not enough. What was a decision to make a better way for me and family turned to be a nightmare that left me in a complete rut.

You see one of the primary reasons many fail at their attempt to become entrepreneurs is  simply this. They quit. 

The reason they quit is because they don't know what they are doing.

I've tried many things, I read the books, I watched the videos, I even went to the seminars but  despite all of that I was constantly running into failure. 

I lost everything my savings, my car, even friends and relationships from chasing what I  believed to be the American dream.
This leads me back full circle to my dingy studio apartment.
As I laid in deep thought on what my life had become at an instant I was hit with a revelation that made me jump straight out of my bed.
It was as if a puzzle was put together right before my eyes.

I began to realize that much of what I was told on becoming a successful entrepreneur by so  called experts and gurus was not the full picture. 

That in fact much of the information was surface stuff that couldn't help me achieve any long
lasting success unless I dug deeper on my own.
That night I pulled out a notebook and began to write down everything that was flowing through my mind.

What I had come up with were a set of principles and mindset shifts that would be what I later  would call secrets of the successful entrepreneur. 

In the months that followed my life began to change right before my eyes.

I went from dead broke to making thousands from various business ventures that I started.

Not only that but I began to help many others who I seen were also in financial pain and  suffering. 

The formula I came up with I began to teach to others and they began to see rapid results in  little time. 

As I doubled down on my principles and mind shifts, that once dingy studio apartment turned  into a nice one bedroom apartment on a nicer side of town. 

For the first time in a while I began to feel alive in my life.

It felt surreal. It felt as if my life turned 360 overnight.

What I realized is that my life did turn 360 but well before any material success.

It all started with the revelation I had lying on my worn down bed in that studio apartment.

I was able to turn many struggling entrepreneurs and 9 to 5ers financial situation around with  the principles and mindset shifts that I had the night of my revelation.

Now that you see how I changed my life and many others who embraced the mindset shifts and  principles that I came up with the night of my revelation, I now want you to experience it for yourself.

In secrets of the successful entrepreneur i will share with you:

  • The exact mindset shifts that I had on the night of my revelation. This will transform you from  the inside out and give you the right perspective and approach to win and become a successful entrepreneur.
  • ​You will learn the psychological principles of influence that will make you a master persuader  in your business and personal dealings in a matter of days. 
  • ​You will learn the 4 principles that I use that will help you accomplish any goal that you set for  yourself no matter how big or small.
  • ​You will get practical applications you can use to begin making money today with a few simple  steps.

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Customer Testimonials

“The value and information that Varnell gives away in this product was worth every penny.”

Secrets of successful entrepreneur without a doubt did exactly what it said it was going to do. 

Not only did I learn how to have the mindset of a successful entrepreneur but I also learned other things such as being more persuasive and how to become a good influencer amongst people. 

This product has helped me strengthened my relationship with my wife of 3 years as well as gave me more confidence to go out and conquer the world. 

The value and information that Varnell gives away in this product was worth every penny. 
I give this product five stars!


“… the modern entrepreneur’s bible”

I had been contemplating for a year on quitting my job and going full time into entrepreneurship. My job wasn’t challenging me and my life felt empty doing the same thing every day. I wanted to own my time and work when I wanted but I was too afraid and uncertain if I could make as an entrepreneur so I stuck with my job despite hating it. I ran across different people online and tried some of the stuff and made money but it wasn’t enough to quit my job and go all in full time. Fast forward a friend of mine was telling me about some very inspiring concepts when it comes to business and entrepreneurship that really inspired me. He told me that I had to check out this product called secrets of the successful entrepreneur that was written by a guy named Varnell. So I took my friend’s advice and bought the product within the first few pages of the product I was absolutely blown away with the principles that he was giving away. I honestly would say this is the modern entrepreneur’s bible to getting things done and being successful. Varnell saved me a lot of time and effort with this product. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to branch off into the world of entrepreneurship.


“Varnell laid out a clear path with his principles and mindset shifts for anyone who is looking to get their feet wet and start making money on their own”

Varnell really knows his stuff when it comes to entrepreneurship. What I like about Varnell not only does he gives practical ways to make money but I really cherish the mindset shift and principles overall. Besides selling chocolate bars in grammar school I didn’t have very much understanding of how to make money besides working a job. When I ran across Varnell’s product I bought it out of curiosity. What I came to find in the product was priceless. Varnell laid out a clear path with his principles and mindset shifts for anyone who is looking to get their feet wet and start making money on their own.

-Lisa White

“The wisdom and knowledge in this product was absolutely life changing.”

I have been struggling for years to make consistent money online and as a freelancer. I made money here and there but the amount of time and effort wasn’t worth the investment. One day while on facebook I ran across Varnell Johnson and was intrigued by his content. As I dug further I found Varnell to be very knowledgeable and so when he launched secrets of the successful entrepreneur it was a no brainer. The wisdom and knowledge in this product was absolutely life changing. Varnell put me on the right path with his mindset shifts and secrets. I’m so thankful to have come across his information!

-Rick Latimore
Regular Price - Only $37

Today's Launch Price: $7


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